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Buy This Color's Retroid Pocket


Buy This Color's Retroid Pocket

I'm loving to play with the Retroid Pocket. The product is really great and comfortable. I had several problems with the delivery service, but it wasn't the seller's fault. He always kept in contact and told me where de product really where. Never thought they would help that much. Everything is in the package has you can see in the pictures. I particularly find the buttons different and the joystick, but I think I'll get use to it. Again thank you for your service. 


Great device which let me play all the games from my childhood once again. The device takes a while to set-up with your roms and emulators and can be tricky trying to fine tune each emulators performance if you're not experienced in emulation. Although there is the inbuilt 3000 odd games which you can play pretty much straight away. Delivery was fast and took 10 days to get to the UK


very fast shipping to canada. will update if the dual boot is terribly difficult. i havent figured out the android side really yet. the games on the 32gb sd card arent showing up by default. will make a video and post how i figured it out once i do. very impressed with the screen and the feel of the unit.